Paradise Solar Samoa

Paradise Solar is a Samoan renewable energy company, registered in Samoa in 2013. Paradise Solar uses the highest quality solar electric equipment manufactured in Europe and the Northern America. The design and installation is provided by our local team with a support from internationally acclaimed specialists.

Paradise Solar has already installed what is believed to be the first commercial solar power system in Samoa. Located in Aleisa East the Samoan Highland Hideaway is now a fully self sustainable resort. The 4.7 KW battery based solar power system cover all power needs of two fully equipped vacation homes.

The obvious benefit for the owners of solar power system is its reliability. Solar power guarantees there will be no black-outs and grid power fluctuations. Solar power is also significantly more economic than traditional power.


February 28, 2013

Paradise Solar has donated a small solar power system to Namua Island Resort in Western Samoa. The system will supply the resort with enough electricity to cover the needs of central facilities. The solar panels have been already donated to the owners or the resort on February 28, 2013. The rest of the system will be arriving upon the completion of the construction of the redesigned central facility. Namua Island was chosen because of its isolation and great potential.

Paradise Solar Team

Maria Walkden-Brown - Founder

Maria was born and raised on the Upolu Island and then traveled the world, living for some time in Australia, Tasmania and Canada. Maria stepped forward to the challenge of opening solar power company as she recognized the need of reliable, ecologically friendly and economically effective electricity alternative in Samoa.

Mikhail Ivanchikov, M.Sc. - Technical Director

Mikhail was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Mikhail holds a Masters degree as Engineer-Physicist. He has extensive engineering and business development experience in renewable energy including large scale wind power and solar power projects. Mikhail takes pride in providing the best possible solutions for customers' investments.

Wayne Lotosofai - Electrician

Wayne was born and raised in Upolu. He is a licensed electrician in Western Samoa. Wayne has experience in solar power installations in American Samoa and recent experience in Western Samoa installation.

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